A Path Forward


Pathways to self-sufficiency for homeless adults motivated to live to their full potential.

Your Motivation Drives Success

Personalized Care

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Create an action plan unique to your current situation and needs.

Supportive Community

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Begin by being welcomed into our community of peers.

Employment & Housing

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Employment is the path to sustainable housing.

A different path is possible. You can…

Be supported, seen, and heard.

Belong to a community of people who care about your success.

Accomplish more than what you thought was possible.

Practice healthy behaviors to achieve your goals.

How it Works.

Your motivation and willingness to change brings a helping hand-up from our caring staff.
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1. Personal Vision

You sign an agreement that includes committing to goals, accountability, and the willingness to address the issues that caused your current circumstance.

2. New Beginning

The Peer Community supports the development of your independence and dignity as you access community resources and referrals to achieve your plan.

3. Employment

Self-sufficiency will require employment aligned with current, or new job skills, to move forward to transitional and permanent housing. We will support you the whole way!

A Unique Approach in Aurora, CO

Your motivation and willingness to change brings a helping hand-up from our caring staff.



Advance provides emergency transitional housing, food, and individualized support as the starting point for a commitment towards self-sufficiency.

Working the Plan


We partner with a network of quality social service organizations providing health services, job counseling, training, and placement.

Long-term Support

No Limit

We support every person with the motivation to improve their life condition to reach the highest level of independence for as long as is needed.